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Summary of our terms and conditions

When you enrol your child with Total Tutoring a non-refundable deposit of £100 will be taken which will be used as part-payment for the first half-term of the course.

Weekly tuition is provided on an hourly basis and payable on a half-termly basis before the start of the half term.  There is a notice period of half a term for the course when you decide your child no longer needs tuition. Notice should be given in writing.

Events such as summer school and mock exams will be charged for the event and attract a deposit. 

We provide tuition in a time slot and we work hard to be available, we ask pupils to be prompt in arrival and collection. Inevitably there are occasions when changes happen and we give and ask for prior notice.

Our tutors are all experienced in behaviour management; we treat children with respect and kindness and we expect children to behave in a suitable manner, conducive to learning during lessons.

Online tuition should be in a quiet family area such as kitchen, lounge playroom etc. with doors open. Private areas  such as bedrooms and bathrooms are not appropriate and children should not be home alone during tuition.

We ask for the health of tutors and other children that your child does not attend with an infectious illness.  If they are not suitable for school then they are not fit for tuition.

We work hard to understand and work with children and help them make satisfactory progress but we cannot guarantee academic success. 

For our full terms and conditions please see the download section below. 


Download our full terms and conditions

Should you choose to engage Total Tutoring you will be asked to review and agree to the full terms and conditions when you complete your application for classes form.  Payment details are included.