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This area aims to provide helpful information in one place for people that are already signed up with Total Tutoring.  Please see latest information and files to download below.

New customers looking to confirm their booking should complete the Application for Classes below.



tutoring in extraordinary times

As with most organisations we have made some changes due to the pandemic. We are currently providing face to face tuition backed up with online tuition via Zoom.

We are pleased to have continued to support our pupils through this challenging period and are always impressed at the resilience and adaptability of children. 

Additionally, we have been able to offer some face to face sessions using appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures at the different stages of the pandemic.

We will continue to review our offering in line with government advice and listening to what our parents and tutors are saying. You'll appreciate we will err on the side of caution and things may change at short notice. 



Group sessions remain at Rye Cottage (9 Bassetsbury Lane, HP11 1QU)


Anyone with Covid-19 symptoms or asked to self-isolate should not come to face to face tuition. The same applies to normal illnesses such as flu, heavy colds and tummy bugs - in short if a child is not suitable for school then please do not attend. NHS guidance:

The well-being of our pupils and staff is at the heart of what we do and we are taking some sensible precautions:

  • Remote temperature check and hand sanitising.

  • Pupils are asked to to wear face coverings.

  • Provide own basic stationary kit and a bag

  • We will not remove shoes and coats will be on the back of chairs

  • Enhanced cleaning of shared areas

  • We ask that children go to the toilet before they arrive.

Click here for more detail 


Term Dates


Payment is due on the first Monday of each half term and we appreciate prompt payment.

Our bank account number is 63451593 sort code 20-02-06, please use your child’s name as the reference.


We will provide book lists appropriate to your child's learning needs and desired outcomes and these will be discussed with you or a list sent in advance by your tutor.

Some learning resources come with answers at the back which we ask are not removed. We work with the children on a basis of trust and working back form the answer is also a valuable learning experience. Experience also shows that removed answer sheets often go missing!

Homework is set but never meant to be a burden. It may change in volume over a tuition period and your tutor will discuss how long it should take.  Please talk with us if you think your child is struggling - normally addressing a misunderstanding or a slight tweak makes all the difference.

This is tuition not school. It may seem obvious but we spend a condensed time in a more focused way than is possible in the classroom and we build capability where it is needed. You may see us skip an element or only ask for part of an answer within a task because we are looking to get right to a point. Equally a trusted two-way conversation about what is understood or more of a struggle helps us all, please feel free to speak with your tutor and they will be open with you.


Non-urgent communication from Vicky will often happen on Thursdays and Fridays, these are my office days for Total Tutoring. Our phone number is 07391 966667 if you would like to talk to me.


Download our full terms and conditions

Should you choose to engage Total Tutoring you will be asked to review and agree to the full terms and conditions when you complete your application for classes form.  Payment details are included.