As with most organisations we have made some changes with the pandemic. We are currently providing face to face tuition backed up with online tuition via Zoom.

We are pleased to have continued to support our pupils through this challenging period and are always impressed at the resilience and adaptability of children. 

We have run face to face sessions using appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures in line with government tiering and our assessments. Please see the detail below if you are attending a face to face session.

We will continue to review our offering in line with government advice and listening to what our parents and tutors are saying. You'll appreciate we will err on the side of caution and things may change at short notice. 

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Information for face to face customers

Group sessions will be run at Rye Cottage (9 Bassetsbury Lane, HP11 1QU)


Anyone who has the symptoms of Covid or has been asked to self-isolate should not come to face to face tuition. The same applies to normal illnesses such as flu, heavy colds and tummy bugs particularly as we have vulnerable members of staff. The NHS has the following document as guidance: in short if a child is not suitable for school then please do not attend.  For 1 to 1 customers, we may be able to move to online with notice.


We will bring the children out to you at the end of lessons.


We will be asking our pupils to wear face coverings. While this is not a requirement in primary schools our pupils are more closely supervised by staff, and in closer contact with them. The well-being of our pupils and staff is at the heart of what we do we believe that this is a sensible precaution which many of the European countries are taking. If your child is unable to wear a face covering for a medical reason, please can you let me know.


Children will have a temperature check before the commencement of class; once we have confirmed that their temperature is under 37.8C they will be invited to sanitize their hands and enter the building. We ask that they bring their own basic stationary kit – sharing pencils is a thing of the past! Some children will bring books to and from class. Paper does not retain the virus for long (3 hours according to a study in the Lancet) but we suggest that you leave 24 hours before starting homework and request that homework is done 24 hours before class as this has enhances memory retention as well as effectively quarantining the paper. Please can the children bring a bag to carry their books in. We will not be asking children to take their shoes off and coats will be stored on the backs of their chairs.


I would politely ask that your child has been to the toilet before class, it wastes a surprising amount of teaching time and in group sessions really interrupts the flow of the lesson. Additionally, we would ask you not to send your child in with water unless it is very hot as this exacerbates the toilet situation! Lessons are generally only an hour and most children can cope with this length of time.