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Vicky Collins

Managing Director and Tutor

(High Wycombe)

When teaching, I achieve engaged, motivated and well-behaved pupils. I have high expectations of pupils because that is what I set for myself. Through my natural empathy and rapport I quickly build a sense of each child’s motivators and with small groups I use these to achieve the best progress possible for your child. I am an analytical person and will be looking to achieve the best 11+ result for your child through exam technique, careful preparation and consistent understanding of the curriculum.

I have worked in many schools during my career and successfully built strong relationships with parents who considered me to be professional and supportive, my open and honest manner made it easy for parents to talk to me.

Key Experiences

6 years teaching experience in both private and maintained schools

Qualified Teacher with current experience teaching year 5 (new curriculum)

Experience of coaching children for examinations

Speed reader

Clear analytical focus and examination analysis and technique

Use of Mindful techniques to help with exam stress and nerves

I teach to students with a wide array of skill levels. If you need an experienced Academic Tutor, feel free to call or email me so we can set up an initial evaluation session at your convenience.

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Dominic Da Costa



My teaching / tutoring style is one of fun, actively engaging children in their learning. For the last 6 years, I have been tutoring children specifically for the Buckinghamshire 11 plus examination, this includes three years of the new style of questions. I use a variety of quizzes, games and questions initially focusing on essential knowledge, then working on exam technique and speed as the year progresses and of course building the children’s vocabulary throughout the year. I achieve confident, happy pupils who are well prepared for the 11 plus.

I am an experienced teacher, having taught Year 4, 5 and 6, and at parents evenings always appreciate the positive parent’s feedback.

Key Experiences

6 years 11+ tutoring experience both privately and with tuition companies

Qualified Teacher with current experience teaching year 5 and 6 (new curriculum)

Vast knowledge of time saving techniques for the 11+ exam

Coaching in reading for speed and accuracy

Mathematics specialist

Strategies for questions children consider “unanswerable"